Tombstone Re-use

I mean i understand if you absolutly cant find another rock and you absolutly need it but i find it offensive to the creaters of any given town that many people think its okay to just take a tomestone and reuse it.

When involved in building a town and you happen to stumble on it again its nice to see where you and your relatives were burried next to each other.

Just an opinion. What do you think?

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I get your point… i hate it when ppl erase notes; i had a place where i kept every note and ppl oftwn were rly happy when they came back and they found their old note… and then someone erased all of them… about 40 or so…

But i’m very guilty of that with the rocks bc i hate mega graveyards :xxx. maybe leave a note saying “pls don’t take my tombstone away” and ask whoever digs ur grave to mark it with that?

Sry of i ever took yours away.

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I leave rocks with notes and that have been carved, but if you are in a long term town you really have to take down the stones or the graves just take over

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Im not entirely sure how to make a note. Hmmm

Paper+Charcoal Pencil

Paper is a longer process, where u have to make wood shavings by using flint on those small sticks u use for clothes or the smithing hammer for example (sharp stone on steaight branch twice). Youll get chopstcisk to but can turn them into shavings by using flint again too. Put them into a bowl of water, use stone on the cooked shavings, put the stuff on a flat rock, use stone on it again, then flat rock on top. If u take it away again u have paper.

Pencil=knife on piece of charcoal.

If u hold pencil and drag it to paper ull hold both. Whatever u say while holding ut will ne written down.

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I hate grave diggers in general. all that effort for the dead while to living people die in the process.

at least there is some value in burials but I got some concerns.
you should bury people who ask for it and maybe old people who died at higher age.
you should just dump out bones of griefers, kids that died early and such. no reason for those to return.
you can and should dig out old graves, I don’t think there is reason for multiple graves for same ID player.
you should keep spacing. Graves space Graves space graves
then you can visit graves and reach them, those blocks of graves won’t allow to reach middle of it
a space can also help with efficiency. like you dig one grave, use the dirt to make bricks, then when they dump bones in it, they fill it with the dirt taken from a new grave spot. if you dump dirt on floor, is slower and breaks shovel more.
don’t use shovel for it. I guess it’s faster but people ignoring iron all their life then waste shovels on graves is super irritating. use a skewer or a hoe, it might be slower but then again people need to live having some iron for tools. definitely don’t use shovel before having a well or sheep pen. I would say even digging soil pits and reed for adobe is more valuable than graves. shovel is not directly needed by higher tech other than fences which is a requirement for the horse, so technically you could use ponds for water to save an iron for making an iron mine, then you got excess iron for shovel. if you don’t know this, it doesn’t mean you are innocent, you will piss off your veterans and they leave town, and then you play in a pisspit graveyard alone.


Yes omg finally someone with some common sense. I literally have to hide the shovel while making the pen bc people can’t seem to understand that tree stumps and graves literally are not the top priority. I also hate players that make iron hoes when we have like 3 peices of iron. As for graves pls take some off and let the ground respawn, y’all make these big ssa graveyards that everyone has to walk around. “Respect the dead” no one is dead. They probably partying at a new town rn, it’s not that deep.


I definitely only bury people who ask, and if they seem new I check that they actually have a lily somewhere. You will find some people dedicate their lives to bury suicidal bb bones and it’s a nice thought but also such a waste on energy and recourses : (