Too Many Bear Caves / Griefers

Like the others- I’m a frequent player who actually devote their hour in BUILDING towns rather than destroying it.

I’ve noticed so many griefers in today’s gameplay. Like all my 8 lives are KILLED by bears. Because holy.

Most of the towns I’m spawned in have nearby caves. Not only one, but mostly three in a biome. It actively makes griefers want to grief - and the korean players have skyrocketed in US-servers which leads to cough racist cough suicide/genocide.

It’s irritating me and making me one to BAN all those griefers. If there’s a way to make them have a time out in the game, the better.


Hopefully, in the future, curses should only be activated if a player killed another player or interacted with a bear cave 3 times. Would have been easier.

Bears and griefers sucks the joy out of my gameplay.


Not by griefers themselves?


Griefers make this game really unenjoyable for me. i know it’s part of the game but damn they get me so angry. I’ve also seen a lot of the racist genocide you’re talking about. Makes me sick. I JUST WANT EVE SPAWNS TO BE FIXED ASAP UGHHHH


I mean griefers always ALWAYS get away :’( but yes. Also them

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You don’t have to die every time you lead an bear away. I’ve never, not once, died leading a bear away. I’ve died reloading a bow to shoot them, but never leading them away. Maybe someone more experienced than you should be leading them away. Bears are the lamest, most pathetic method of grieving for the very reason that it is SO easy to A: not get killed. Stand in the middle of the berry farm! and B: lead them away from camp and carry on normally. Honestly, what do you want the devs to do? How much EASIER do they have to make it for you to be happy? Its FAR too easy as it is now with the jungle biome for food. I honestly think a lot of you just don’t get it and in order to better understand it, go read up about game creator Jason Rhorer.

Yes. Wow. I know I’m not an experienced player but it never hurt to try and help??
I’m not saying the game itself should be easier - I’m only SUGGESTING that there should be at least a bear cave in a biome (not overpopulate it) or Donkey Town hopefully be added in the Mobile version.

Sure we don’t get most of the official game because we don’t have the money/equipment to play one - but the game could be populated by negative loyal players destroying the purpose to BUILD a world in one life by flourishing a town then killing it later

Newbies willing to give the game a go and help the game itself flourish while learning on the go wishing to be the best the next life.

On what server you played?

Of course it doesn’t hurt to try and help and players become experienced, well, by experiencing things. We were all new at one point. I was merely suggesting that you let someone more experienced than you lead the bear away. You can also learn by observing, which is what I often do. Bears have a predictable pattern of movement. Watching someone lure one may be more beneficial in learning than dying trying.

Bears caves are located in the badlands biome. They appear on fringes of neighbouring biomes. As an Eve I’ve actually bypassed pretty decent set up locations because of their proximity to too many bear caves. If there’s a nearby cave I block it with a clay oven at the same time I set up my kiln.

We don’t choose to set up camp in the jungle, even though the temperature setting is perfect, because we don’t want to deal with mosquitoes. The same logic should be applied to other dangers when setting up camp. Live near ten bear caves? Expect bears.