Too many bears because of mpk

There are more and more griefers in this game . The curse system don’t work well because there are too many griefers. This is the first time in my life that I help to kill like 10 bears in my village. The griefers kill all the sheep , make a lot of fence , hide food and then pk , false pkk and even mpk. All in one life . Not one, not two , not three but more griefers in one life. There are liars . Too many of them . Server 1 japan is true to its name (I would call it the scariest of all server). Hahaha, everyone used up their curse cause there are griefers in their previous life or they are scared they curse the wrong person. I am sad .


Which server did you playing?

Maybe you should block the bear nest by building objects in front of it(like adobe or something). But sometimes griever always find a way to grieving. Grieving is the easiest way to play this game, really. The real challenge is to play together building a town


I am playing in japan-1 . You are right . It is hard to build a village.I really want to test the radio transmitters and I did in one life but the 2 radio transmitters are in the same village and it block the furnace and then the village is doomed. I hope the radio transmitter or whatever have more function or a village can survive till the radio transmitter is done. Do you think the radio transmitter is really useful?

That’s awful!

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UGH. Same thing happened to me today. I have to replay 8 times because griefers keeps appearing in a place I’ve spawn and as the good samaritan as I am - I always sacrifice myself to lead the bear away (becuz other villagers just watch/are slow to craft items to make bowandn arrows. Cant let all bloodline die)


I also have one village where someone domesticated a wolf and lead tons of baby pitbulls at the village I’m in. You know what happened next.

Hopefully Griefers can be karma’d. I have a high suspicion that perhaps someone actually made a working cracked apk of the game that lead to the rise of griefers.

If I could, I would have refund the game because of it -_-) I’m too tired watching people get murdered or dying because I’m a player whose saint


There are many times I delete the game because I was so frustrated with griefers . I think got more than 3 or 4 times. But I reinstall because there is new content . I think something needs to done so that good people will not be frustrated and delete the game. If this continues, the bad players will continue to increase as the consequence are not great. There are even liars so we might even curse the wrong people. I wonder if the griefers are actually a group of friends or they actually make a group offline or online or that they actually plot something together when sent to donkey town. Even the family dairy become a place to curse or bully others I heard. Maybe a permanent ban (special servers just for griefers) will do . But then I am still scared that good people fall victim to that. I am sure the developers are well aware but they can’t be exactly check everyone’s life .

The thing that bothers me MOST about the redesign of the curse system is allowing deceased “family members” curse tokens. Doe that men those ppl get two curse tokens every two hours?

And to OP about the Bears. Quit whining. I’m so tired of seeing everyone whinge about things instead of being proactive. Kill the griefer. Ensure your community curses the griefer. Block off the nearby bear caves and/or don’t choose to settle next tom fifteen bear caves.

Bears are a lame method of griefing and bears are easily led far away. Nobody has to die from a bear. Ever.

Really , I think I am proactive enough because I kill more than 6 bears in the village in one life . I think you will prefer that everyone have a knife so they can kill each other. So , why not ? Griefers lead bear to villages from far away by using horses. You can’t expect a village to create enough knives so everyone can have 1 in their backpack . Neither can you expect people to not do mistakes when using knives. I know you are angry when you are cursed because of pkk. I know you are a hero . I know you are cursed for nothing because of stupid people and maybe liars. I understand your pain . But , after the griefers are gone , don’t you see my effort of finding new sheeps , warning people to create more food so we don’t die of hunger or kill bears to save the village. I ppk too and sometimes get cursed . It is too easy to grief in this game. How easy ? Let’s say you kill a person , you become slow , all you need is stand near another person so other player will kill the wrong person or you can hide . In japan-1 it is hard to recognize griefers because there are many many people . If everyone would just chase griefers, the village would die because no food . I kill griefers too . Many people kill griefers too . Everyone is equally confused too. Ok , let’s say I be the developer , then no killing , no curse , no more bears , ohhh… no kids , don’t worry I will make AI to replace them and make them do certain important work , no more mosquitoes, no snakes , no pig, no pit bull , damage is reverable (if there is only one sheep bone in the sheep pen or it is dead, tadaa it is revive able , magic), no more hunger gauge (there is a suicide button so you die when you want ) … do this looks like a game anymore. I play dota2 too you know . It does have many toxic players too . Stop blaming good people and start thinking about good ideas to save us . I propose you give me a or many brilliant solution to solve all the griefing problem. If you were able , you earn my respect as a player and a person . Thank you .
Ps. Sorry for your pain . Don’t leash your anger on us (me, others, developer)

You seem have no idea about the design of the game from the original developers perspective. I’M not the one asking for things to be easier. Too many people ARE asking for everything to be easier. This was never meant to be easy. And his take on griefers, for the longest time, was “deal with it yourselves”. He only reluctantly added donkey town and the curse system.

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I guess I am quite new although I play everyday nowadays . There are games who disappear when they don’t listen to advice and complain . This is a good game and I wish it would survive . What do you think about changing everything back to the olden times when you “all deal it with yourself” ? It will be fun to try for like maybe 2 weeks and if it has positive outcome ,continue . I would like to taste such experience too . Now , in mobile , most players are Japanese I guess cause I find like 500-1000 players on Japanese server. Would you tell your experience on your life before curse exist ? Is it like fun or do village survive until city develop ? Or the game is just full of murder and nothing can be done? Your teaching might englighten us new users (mostly Japanese who play because they are fond of game you tubers). Thank you . Sorry , I want to play this game without too many griefers. Some griefers once a while is fun(cause sometimes it gets bored and hey free drama) but not every life please.

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Hours of reading at your disposal here.

Many great tips. Tactics. Lots of discussion about griefers. Lots of hesitation by the developer of this game regarding implementing the current curse system and his reasons for his reluctance.

I understand you are dealing with a much higher population and as result a great deal more frequency of instances of griefing. It makes me curious if the griefer ratio is similar no matter what the population. Is it one griefer per five players? Ten? Fifty?

All you need, now, on a high population server, is four griefers working together to banish one normal player to donkey town. That’s it. And if you have that many griefers on a server… well, they could do a lot more damage.


Thank you very much. I can say that the number of griefers do not depend on the population but for average, I think 1 per 10 especially when the population is over 10. The grieving usually starts when sheep is reared I guess. In japan-1 server , when I was a caretaker , I do experience like more than 10 kids many times, really it is headache hugging all the kids . The numbers of kids in developing and slightly developed village increase substantially . You are right when you say only need 4 griefers. Hahahahaha… TT I sometimes experience like 2-3 griefers in one life and also continuously(yup, from life 1 to life n, n=2,3,4,5 ) born in village(different village) with griefers. Actually many damages have been done even before this update like use stone to block oil well. Griefers will continue to grow up too as we normal players grow up . Do you play in Japanese server?

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No, I don’t play in the Japanese server. I can’t imagine so many people in a town, though I have seen videos of huge cities.

If there is enough resources to manage keeping all children born I can imagine how exhausting it would be trying to raise all of your kids.

On the smaller English servers the most I’ve seen are ten or so people at once in a town. My take on raising babies is this… it’s up to the Mom to query her kids while raising them. Discover their skill level. Assign them a job. Teach them if she can or deposit them at age three at their job location and have a more experienced player who is willing teach them more.

I get the most satisfaction out of teaching newer players. I once taught two sons compost and they were so happy to have learned I count that as one of my most satisfying lives.

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