Touch gestures in OHOL for Mobile

  1. Movement
  • Tap on empty ground to make your character move to that tile.
  • While already moving, tap and hold to make your character move continuously in the direction of your touch.
  1. Picking up items
  • Tap on a pickable item to have your character pick it up in their hands.
  • While holding an item, pick on a pickable item on the ground to have your character drop the current item and pick up the new item.
  1. Dropping items
  • Perform a short vertical downwards drag motion starting anywhere and ending on the tile where you want to drop the item.
  1. Using an item you are holding
  • Perform a drag motion starting a distance outside your target and ending on the target you want to use your item on (the target will be highlighted when you are touching it).
  • When you want to eat the item or wear it as a clothing item, your character is the target you should end your drag motion on.
  1. Items in containers (baskets, boxes, carts, etc)
  • Tap on a container to pick up the first item in the container.
  • While holding an item, tap on a container to insert your item and pick up a different item.
  • While holding an item, perform a “Using” gesture (see 4) onto the container to insert your item without picking up any item.
  • To pick up the container itself, perform a short vertical upwards drag motion starting on the container and ending anywhere.
  1. When you are wearing a backpack
  • Tap on your character to pick up the first item from the backpack.
  • While holding an item, tap on your character to insert the item last in the backpack.
  1. Taking off clothes (including backpack)
  • Touch on a clothes item your character is wearing, drag upwards from the character and release. Now you are holding the clothes item in your hands instead of wearing it. Put it on a baby or drop it on the ground.

Here’s a video: