Town leader / democracy / communication system

Hey everyone I thought about a system that makes it easier to organize the tasks/rules/stories of a town. I personally like the system in OHOL where there’s one leader who can give orders and each follower sees that message. But that’s also kinda weird cause there’s no phones or magic message transportation :joy:

So here’s what I thought:

We could have a town board (preferable in the center or where most ppl would hang out), where ONE person can write stuff on. Not with paper or letter stocks, just click on it and enter a text. Everyone can read it when they click on it. When there’s a new message you didn’t see yet the board can have a slightly different design, so you know that there’s something new. Messages on it can be informations like „iron vein at 8 o’clock“, or tasks like „open position for cooking or smithing, need someone to get sheep“, or structural stuff like „make the pen larger“. The one who writes on the board should also be able to delete messages again, so it’s always up to date. But it can also be fun to write family history on it that stays over generations.

So who is that one person who can write on it? From the start that should always be the eve, also when someone placed a peace lily there and respawns, that person achieved that right by being eve again (just if there’s currently no one else who earned leadership). Other than that it could be a voting system. When the current eve died and there’s no leader, it is possible to click on the town board and enter a vote. All society members are an option and when 80%(?) of members clicked on a persons name the votes are done and the one with the most is the new leader. Or the current leader just elects a new one. Something like that? I think the system can be improved further.

It also should be possible to cast a vote of no confidence (I hope that’s the correct wording) when a leader is not good for a town. You can always make that vote and then a new voting starts, but it just can be successful when a certain amount of ppl actually votes for a new leader. When that doesn’t happen in about 5 minutes, the vote of no confidence just disappears and everything is back to normal.

Also voting age can be discussed. I think in YAH it’s okay at the age of 14.

I am not sure how the town board should be crafted. It could be a wooden large sign that is changed to a town board by placing a peace lily on it. But in that case we can just build it when we got adze and froe.

I just think sometimes a town would develop better if there’s an organized structure. I often see ppl that don’t know what to do or even don’t notice on their own what is needed. Such a system could help I guess.

Communication is key :v:t2: