Town strategy for eves

I have spent lots of time running around looking for old towns as eves. If you didn’t know you have a chance to come back to where you died if you die at 60 as an eve.

This is an important feature to use when you build a town or find one that died out.

Why do this? Because it saves time and gets people to stay and develop a town while you are away if they live and help the town that is. If not you have numerous chances to keep building and have a good foundation for the next generation of people coming in to build off of.

I personally like to build up a town to get horses ready in case you hear a bell. If you do and have a good amount of time left ride to the town that has a bell as an eve. When you die and a few people have an eve spawn there the city will keep on until the server is reset.

The only issue is the ones you leave it to can and usually do destroy it, usually try to within the first generation in my experiences. Bears, hid stuff, kill the eves, destroy kilns, destroy floors, etc…

To prevent this people used codes but made people mad over the exclusivity of the towns we were working on. This system is used in all the groups on discord to some extent to keep people out that might ruin the city.

I want us to all develop something together and if that’s your goal add me on discord and we can communicate and plan.

Don’t have a discord? Make one! it’s easy and will change your experience playing OHOL trust me.

Discord ID: v3tint#0996

Add me if you need any help or would like to join the Fellowship. We have a ranking system to prevent griefers from within our group for added protection. Or just add me as a friend if you are on discord.


Well said V3 :slight_smile:

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I have too!