Trash pit and seed storage

storage problem have mostly solve after the update of the different types of pot. But seed storage still need to improve, milkweed seed and carrot seed are the most common and useful seed we got and frequently used, but they still take up one space for every seed.

also, flint chip is super annoying in town, but we can’t flow it in the trash pit. I think trash pit is quite useless unless you have to get rid of needles. When you build roads or clear some tiles in town with digging Flint chip, you got 4, and sometimes you got 8 or more in clearing the tiles, there are no other methods to get rid of them, you can only place them far away from town with horse, or you will see flint chip everywhere in your town. I really hope we can flow flint chip in trash pit.


Try going around them for now.

Here’s the thing about flint. I usually used flint instead of sharp stone to cut weed. That way I can leave the flint in the swamp. Sharp stone is more useful so we can’t leave it in the swamp. But flint is all over the place so loosing just one is no problem.

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Shes talking more about flint in developed towns. I agree that it gets anoying to deal with flint because they take up a whole slot each and once someone moves the last one from a pile they become unstackable.

Though i think makeing them able to be thrown away would be bad because it would be griefiable. (Most camps would make a shovel way before a knife)

But making them restackable anywhere should be a adequate fix. Reducing the 6 tile storage to 1 tile for a stack of flint. Or a flint knife which wpuld be a flint chip on a tool handel that can do some of the same things as knifes but has higher chances of breaking.

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Maybe being able to put seeds in bowls would be cool