Troll children are good players?

Do you know this?

When a troll with a black speech bubble gives birth to a child, that child will also have a black speech bubble.

I have not yet experienced it,
but I have witnessed it.

She chose to die.

She did not do anything, but she was afraid of the curse.
I think she is a good player.
Or is she a resident of Donkey Town?


Really? Wow. That’s kinda weird. I might also just die when that happened to me.

As far as I know a cursed player will only give birth to another cursed player. The only people with black speech bubbles are cursed players. How did a cursed player wind up in your town for you to see this?

I’m still loving the artwork! :+1:


Troll repeatedly slaughtered near Peace Lily, but at last she was killed by the villager

Troll’s child said


“I will not do such a thing”

“I want to die”

After all, was she also a trawl?

Is it a bug?


The mystery will deepen more and more

Thank you!image

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Wow! Maybe it’s a glitch? I’d hate to be born to a griefer right after they’ve accumulated enough points to earn Donkey Town status if it marked me! No wonder she wanted to die!

It might well be a bug and @Christoffer may want to see a link to the family line to investigate.

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That’s a good idea!
I would like him to research it.


I will send a message directly to him.
And I will write it here.

Actually, the trolls seem to be able to escape easily from Donkey Town.
This village was a lovely village, but they were destroyed.

So the family tree is like a hell picture.

I’m not good at English
Thank you for reading.

You are actually very good at English! It may not be a case of trolls escaping as much as it is there are a LOT of trolls! I’m just surprised a marked person was in your village to begin with.