So I’m minding my business on the game, and these two trolls decided to get on and brought like four bears to the town. I went to go check the ID number of the person that released the Bears, and basically both of them banished me and lie to the town and said it was me😔 I took screenshots of their ID though.

I don’t think u can get the ID from rhe bear itself? U can find the cave and check if “ID xy turned bearcave into empty bearcave” appears? Just to be sure and avoid accidentally banning innocents. But maybe someone can confirm about the bear IDs?

I guess you can ID the bear itself? Looks like it says the last move before knocking on the cave…

I dont know why ID is different… Its confusing lol

Yes I checked the cave, when I came back to tell the village who did it, the two of them banished me and said it was me before anyone got to check the caves for themselves.

Rt not sure why it’s like that but it would be helpful if we all had a specific ID per person

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I was wondering about the changing IDs too, but there are good reasons for it if you really think it through…

The ID is mainly there to give nameless players something to be identified by, and to hold everyone accountable for their actions during one life. On the one hand, a changing ID protects new players and also, if they exist, one-time griefers who learned from their mistakes from being banned again and again even if what they did was years ago. This leads me to the main reason: It works the other way around too. Imagine your griefer knew your ID. They could respawn again and again to ban you or tell others to do so even in other families. It would take the anonymity away and enable mobbing or stalking. Everybody would recognize you in any different fam right away. There would be no chance to “go undercover”. Imagine you’re a baby, and someone you have previously played with or even banned is there too. They can rally against or convince them to starve you while you can’t even defend yourself yet. They can also say “Look, it’s xy!! They can teach this and that to everyone!!! Their town is in this direction!! Finally we meet again, what’s your instagram?? can we talk on discord???” lol. In worst case, they might target irl info, bc anything you tell a friend in chat or in the chronics can also be traced to your id by other players who read it.

And lastly, accidental bans happen. I have been banned 2 lifes back to back based on misunderstandments. Maybe if it were possible to take back bans, this problem would be solved, but for now I’m glad each life is separate from the other and you can be someone new anytime you press play.


Thats pretty bad, i hope i dont have to deal with something like that.

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