Trouble connecting (march 30)

hi! i am new to the forums so i am sorry if this is in the wrong place.

The server seems to be down for maintenance, and I wanted to check if other people are getting the same result when trying to play.



Yeah, I cannot get in either.

that’s a bummer but i am very relieved i’m not the only one ahaha.

Do you have a screenshot ?

been like that since about noon yesterday.

That’s weird, the servers are up and running and there hasn’t been any downtime.
My best guess is that the internet is under a lot of pressure where you live and that this causes connectivity problems. Could you try switching to a different network and see if that makes a difference? Switch between WiFi and cell network, for example.

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oh, good idea. lemme try that. i will mention that i play on android (samsung galaxy s9) and ios (ipad) and having trouble on both. but i may have been on wifi on my phone, so i’m checking that now

update - i can connect while on android cell network. ipad still does not work (on wifi, don’t have 4g for it).

Thanks for the update @lombriz!
It looks like my guess was correct then. It’s local pressure on your ISP’s network which is the likely culprit. Unfortunately that means that there is no action we can take on our side to solve the problem :frowning_face:

oh nooo! i’m so confused, it was fine and then suddenly, for the past 2 days, no connection. maybe because everyone is working from home now?
any ideas on why exactly this is happening/what i can do to fix it?

omg, wait, i just updated and now it is working!! ahh!! rejoice!

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