Trouble to feed new babies

Sometimes i have trouble to feed my babies. My food is fool. I try to drop it and take it or go somewhere else but the babies still die… And today the server is really laggy.

Are you old when this happens? If your hair starts to turn gray then you no longer produce breast milk for the baby and you need to feed them with food.


No, its was really at a young age. When i can have a baby. And i know i die sometimes when i pop in a baby because my mom can feed me because of the same bug.

Yeah I had the same problem today

I have seen a few issues where a baby can’t be picked up. Usually the baby needs to move to a new tile for it to function again

Yeah that’s true

Do you mean it’s blocked by another object?
Is there any chance that it’s simply caused by lag? (It’s the server that tells the app that you picked something up)

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I don’t think it’s lag as it’s not a one off attempt - i could see my mum try to pick me up multiple times without managing it while I stood still. Then I would move to another tile and be picked up on the first go.

I also don’t get fed until I see myself picked up

From memory it seems to mostly happen if I’m next to a tile with a moderate to large object on it.

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Yeah because wen I spawn as a eve ussually I spawn in middle of nowhere so when I pick up a beaby there are no items but when I am in a willage items are ewerywhere so if there is a big one i cant pick up a beaby

More i think of this it sounds as fat fingered problem

Ive had this issue but it definitely wasn’t lag, I had a child, and was nursing my niece at the same time my child I was able to feed perfectly fine but my niece ended up starving to death no matter how much I picked her up

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This happened to me the other day. I was taking care of 3 Baby next to the fire and one of them died of hunger wile the other ones survived. I had them one next to the other one, not one on top of each other… So definitely I was making shure to feed all of them.

There are two different issues reported in this thread, right?

  1. Babies sometimes die even though you know that you picked them up and fed them.

  2. Sometimes a mother tries to pick up a baby, but she can’t do it.

Let’s keep these separate.

Besides bugs, there are these possible explanations that I can think of, is it possible that this actually happened?

  1. The player who was the baby disconnected, so the baby died even though she was fed.

  2. The mother was holding something tiny (like a needle) without realizing it, or (only possible if you were the mother) lag prevented you from picking up the baby.

No, on my side, the problem is sometimes when i am the mother i try to feed the baby but the player keep saying “F” like nothing happen on his side. I try to take it and put it back on the ground a couple of times but the baby still die. Doesn’t seems like a problem of connection.

And… on the other side, when i connect in a baby, samething happen but in reverse. The mother try to feed me while taking me but doesnt work. She try to take me and put me on ground at different spot but the bug is still there.

For the other problem that some people said before “2.try to pick a baby but cannot” it never happen to me.