I’m honestly disappointed that’s ive spent over hours trying to play a tutorial. When you play any games a tutorial should be option but not mandatory. And I’ve gone over some of the comments already and watched youtubevidoes on the tutorial and still couldn’t figure it out. Please give me a refund or fix your tutorial. I think it’s unfair to have to pay for a game you don’t even have FULL ACESS TO. PATHETIC

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  1. click on button to get born.
  2. go to settings on the screen left side on the top.
  3. scroll down in settings and disable tutorial.
  4. then click ok and choose a server to play on.
  5. click start

Thank you @Maengish for explaining it.
Here’s the english version if you don’t understand german:

But please. Next time don’t blame the game before trying to fix it first.

But anyways the tutorial is well made , and it’s perfect for new players to learn about smithing which could be more confusing if you decided to make one for yourself on the wild.


Alright thanks