Tutorials bc I’m nice to new players


It would be nice if newbies would remember to store baskets on empty crocks, too. So they last forever.

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Continuing the discussion from Tutorials bc I’m nice to new players:

That, you have to remind them, unfortunatly… Tbh they might not watch tutorials… but that’s a different subject…

Your video is so sweet! I love the commentary.

Remember you can combine milkweed threads into rope to carry more in your basket. If needed, you can separate a rope into two threads later with a flint. This is similar to the way you show carrying six clay balls instead of just three.

Thanks for making this!


I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I never thought of doing that with the milkweed so thank you for the tip! In a futures tutorial I’ll be sure to show that! :slight_smile:


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