Hello, id love for there to be twins in the mobile verson so i can play with friends. I think it would be fun and a great challange to overcome on the mobile verson. Please i think that you will have many downloads on this because your updates are awesome. And i love your characters that you create and how there hair kinda like flow in the wind as they walk. Overall i just love the animation.


Moved to #game-feedback. #site-feedback is for… well… site feedback.

One day will we have the tween update. Right now they are working in a masive update that everyone is going to love. Soon will we see it…


Ah. So, that’s why we don’t have any updates in the past few days.


A texture redesign? I know the new skins are coming, that’s for sure.

As a player who never play the PC version, I’m worried about the heat shock :sweat_smile:. Desert is my best friend even though it wasn’t supposed to be like that. I’m gonna prepare myself with knowledge about how this recent temperature update will be. I hope someone post tips about this upcoming update.

Would be a good idea!

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