I was wondering if we could add a twins update so we can play with others on mobile. I have a few friends that play the beta and would love to twin up, anyone else want the twin update???

Yeah but there aren’t enough players yet online

Ohhh ._.

That is indeed an interesting system. I like it as well. But I have to do other stuff first to bring the game closer to the release. So that system will come later ~


Yeah makes sence

For those interested in playing with friends. I have successfully gotten two the game working on 2 separate devices under the same account. If you start on an empty server you will be born to the other player.

This should not happen. Are you on iOS or android?

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Yeah that is a iOS thing you can turn on famyly share so yeah

If they are two different iOS accounts under the same family account then it is fine. @LavishFox could you confirm? Or it’s a different case?

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