Two handed saw instead of axe

i thought maybe we should use a two handed saw for cutting down trees. so you have to be 2 players who decide to do that.

after that you get logs. with the axe you can make logs into smaller stuff. but for cutting down trees you need two players.

How would that work for solo servers :x

How would that work for solo eve village with lily :x

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I think i know where you are going with this.

Having random people chop down your favourite trees IS annoying.

A better idea would be an ability to PROTECT certain trees, which THEN would necessitate two players to get rid of it

That way, if you’re a solo player, you don’t need to protect it, so you don’t need the two people saw thing. That way, if you are in a village with trees you want to protect, you could totally do it


im thinking about methods to make this game more cooperative and make griefing harder :wink:

For example, adding stakes to a tree would “protect it” and the only way to cut it down would need two players to use a big saw or something (or adding water while cutting it, just like berries used to be / are)

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