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So i think part of the problem with the new banishment system is that some players have two people playing on the same phone.

What i mean is that theres a lot of players who are automatically assumed to be griefers because they have B1 B2 or higher but are not actually griefers themselves. They share their phone with impulsive players like their lovers or friends.

So i was wondering if there could be a second profile that tracks banishments differently.

I know this would give grifers more chances to cause trouble so maybe it could be set up so if you get banished to donkey town it would raise the total banishments on that profile to match the banishments on the other profile for example on profile one you have B4 but profile two is clean. When your banished to donkey on profile two it would jump to B4 instead of B1. And vise versa.


Sounds nice in theory, but even for those in a situation like you described it probably wouldn’t be helpful. If whoever is playing on the phone of their sibling, partner, friend, etc. is OK with messing up with the other players reputation, they will most likely be OK with just changing over to the 2nd account as well to get a clean vest again after a few banishes.

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For me, I tried really had to convince my boyfriend to play YAH, since I love this game and would like to share that experience with him :heart:

I let him play from my profile, while doing something else. When I came back to him, he went to the Japanese server and had troubles being new and having language barrier. He did some stupid new player stuff, and they banished him :joy:

Now I play with B1, sometimes it brings me trouble - especially because some people just kill me as kid og banish me for no reason. But most of the time it’s fine…

My boyfriend still don’t like the game tho, and I’m not gonna let him play my profile anymore :joy:
Lesson learned :wink:

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