Two Questions and Two Advice

When will the Christmas activity end ?
I and my friends are so nervous about the activity end because we still haven’t enough gift to decorate our home .

When will come the next update?
As you know , we haven’t an update for so long .
Please release some message .
Even if something related or the update date is acceptable for us .

Please fix the bug about the wrong position of the gravel road sooner or later .
It makes me feel indisposed for such a long time .

I suggest you to launch more colorful flags for decoration in the next update .
( like permitting the flags to stand on the ground or no the walls)

( my sentence may have some mistakes😖I am so sorry. I haven’t use English for a long time)


seems like the gravel wont be aligned.

here are some promised updates

sheeps wont become block elements.

Horse drawn carts with 6 slots.

rail track become 2 way accessible.

not sure if they will be implemented tho. they date back june 2021.

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Thank you so much for collecting these snipptes for me . :kissing_heart:
I really don’t notice them before .

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no problem :slight_smile: i was wondering too.

  1. so i guess the christmas theme will be around a bit longer. but i don’t know how much longer. i guess it will be gone with the next update.
  2. but i don’t know either when the next update will arrive. i hope they will find time somewhen :slight_smile: because a 6 slot horse cart sounds great :slight_smile:
  3. seems like the gravel wont be fixed, sadly. i understand, its annoying, if it dosent match with the other tiles.
  4. uh i love the idea of more colorful flags :star_struck: would be nice if you could put them on any tile so they stay upright.

Y’all know there making a new game, right?

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Hell it’s actually already out on pc


My surmise is similar to yours , but what can only we do now is just waiting . :cry:
I hope the 6 slot horse car is lasting rather than short-life .
Thanks for liking my idea , I still have many similar ideas like more colors of roses.

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yeah ~
You can see the date of last update . :cry:

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I believe they will come back soon after the new game going on the right tracks .:relieved:

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Thanks , We get what we need already .

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