Two questions

  1. My game crashes every time i try to begin a new life. Its updated and everything, but this is getting on my nerves. I play on android if thats anything. What can I do?

  2. How do you get different colored roses?

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  1. It might be because your phone memory are too full or the ram size is too small. Try to delete a few app.

  2. We take wild rose seed, cut it open with flint or knife. Put it in the ground for 1 hour for red rose(real time) or 2 hours for white rose. Sometimes the seed needs to be in the screen to work. If you are in private server, makes sure that the server is turn on and the settings are at normal. After 1or 2 hours has pass. Put it in the cold bowl for 30 second and then you can plant the seed.

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If you can’t figure out the roses, there is a recent post on here that gives a step by step. The blue rose is a dyed white rose.