Un-sewn Rabbit fur disappears inside a wooden box…

Normally, rabbit fur on the ground will last forever until I sew it into a backpack or clothing. But recently I decided to clean up my rabbit fur field (many, many piles of four skins plus two cut pieces, ready to become a backpack) by storing the skins in several wooden boxes. But…the skins all disappeared after a day!!

@Christoffer , is this a glitch, or intentional? Other persistent things like pottery and food do not decay just because they have been placed in a wooden storage box…why should rabbit fur?


On a related note…I would love a way to dismantle the wooden boxes, since now I do not need so many. It would have to be a two step process, like cutting down fences or domestic gooseberry bushes, so that things can still be stored in them without disaster, but maybe could work if they cannot be dismantled unless they are FULL first, then have to be doused with a bowl of water (loosens the rope) then hit with sheers or a knife.


The last couple days the game has been weird, my things have been disappearing.

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Can confirm. I haven’t played in a few months, but I remember this happening when I tried to make a cart of backpacks full of rabbit hides. They all disappeared by the next day. This was on a private server with container/building decay off


It would be pretty cool to move them too

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I was playing on my private server yesterday and I noticed that uncut rabbit fur on the ground disappeared after a while. Literally watched it poof out of existence, even when in a pile.

I’m guessing that if I had a cut piece on top of the pile it would have stayed, shrug. I mean, the cut piece of for is still there.

I haven’t seen that before, I have stacks of uncut rabbit fur lying around for weeks at a time :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah, my rabbit fur just sits there. Most is in piles, though. Maybe singles disappear??

Do you mean piles w a cut for on top? Bc those didn’t disappear. I can’t actually remember if they were singles or not