Unable to spawn back

Why can’t you spawn back at villages if you die at a high age, or can’t you join because the server is restarting?
Are you aloud to spawn back as a non eve?

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“Spawn back at villages” has many conditions.

  1. You were eve.
  2. Died at 60 age.
  3. Location of spawn back to is not only your village. It recorded location of must evolved village in server when died.
  4. If some mother can has baby, you will born at child.
  5. “Spawning back” has effect at next time of you will been eve.
  6. This system split by server. Spawn back location does not shared by servers.

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But why can’t you spawn back as a non eve, if you can’t spawn back as a non eve there is no use in making villages

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Ah… how would you spawn there as a non eve? You’re either someone’s kids or an eve.

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