Uncut Bread Loaf

Bread loaf.
Get Baked Bread.
Comes off plate as Bread loaf.
Not ediable
Stacks up to six.
Put on plate to cut into sliced bread
Another spoof hat

So ive noticed that once a town has existed for a long while it builds up an extream excess of threshed wheat
and the only way to get rid of it is cook it into pies bread or burritos.

So my solution would be to add a Bread loaf into the game. All it would be is the Baked bread but off the plate and stackable. So simple yet would have massive effects on gameplay and life enjoyment.
Saving large amounts of ground space for more farms or buildings or even personal houses.

We should also be able to get rid of threashed wheat. Such as dumping it in a trash pit or pouring water on it while its on the ground. Or use a bellows on it any thing really as long as we could get rid of it. Or store it more efficiently

Also maybe the bread loaf could be a hat like the turkey


Threshed wheat… my #1 enemy!

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More Fundamental Solution Is Needed Why do we grow so much wheat? It is because wheat provides straw.
I want to be able to harvest unripe wheat so we can get only straw without wheat.

This is an old topic. Wheat can now be used for porridge and for gruel, so it’s not useless anymore.

When we introduce baby bottles :baby_bottle: I’m sure that people will start cooking a lot more gruel… :grin:


I been trying to find out how to make a baby bottle but I can’t find it anywhere please help. Yes I even looked at your YouTube and did a Google search but I can seem to find it.

Maybe like a wheat silo?