Undo the update on servers

Please undo the update on servers is very annoying and makes the game not enjoyable. I want to play the game with people and understand what im holding and not play with people and use the japanese language that i dont understand. It really bums me that before this update i was happily playing the game even with japanese people. I can do my own thing and can understand what im doing. Please we need that update to be undone. Who agrees?


I’m fully happy with the update.

Here’s why: I play in the mornings and early afternoon central time, and got really tired of playing with people with no communication, or being murdered because I spoke English or watching English players murder Japanese players simply for speaking Japanese. The worst was ALL my offspring suiciding so they can get to a Japanese city or camp, for days on end. I’d rather play alone or with a couple people than deal with all that.

Communication is important when training new players (who refuse to use the beginner server and/or watch video/read how to play) and working towards a goal.

Also the update changed the wet clay nozzle to not use a whole ball and how squash seeds work for the better. I still want to be able to de-seed a farm plot though.


Why is it not enjoyable? I like the update too, not only because i know I’ll be playing with people who speak the same language but its shows a realistic number of people on the server that I could spawn to. It’s super annoying seeing 20 people on but spawn as an eve. Not knowing if it’s because everyone online is japanese.

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I can see that. Seeing ive been a victim and seen it happen… but most of the time im online the us servers are the only one with atleast 20 people. And playing there is giving me little bit of a small latency issue. Takes about 2 second pause for me to do anything bassically. But i get you reasoning…

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I did enjoy playing occasionally with friendly foreigners like you on Japanese servers and feel sorry for you, but the benefits of the latest update seem far greater than its disadvantages like that. I even think that the non-jp server population will likely increase now they are free of those annoyances you have experienced.


Something has to be done. The game is virtually unplayable for me since the update. Along with no one knowing how to play (or taking the time to learn how to play), I’m having constant latency issues and this combination is extremely frustrating.

Also, my only surving daughter had only one child (a boy, who starved to death at 10). While I was at the base, several times, a baby flashed on the screen and then disappeared. They spawned nowhere near where my daughter was located. She didn’t even know they were born and they didn’t show up in our family tree. We both lived to 60 but so what? I tried to respawn but was unable to do so. I got nothing accomplished because I was taking care of my children who all (but one) ran off or starved to death (surrounded by food!). I was playing just fine on the Japanese servers up until this point and was enjoying the game; now, not so much since the update :frowning:

One more thing… I see dead people. I’ve learned to deal with it but this has always been happening since I started playing.

Relatable. The flashing babys keeps me waiting in base because i dont want to go out hunting knowing a baby is gonna be born. But i have no problem surviving and building colonies. But the downfall is just latency. Its just horrible to play. Waiting 1 - 2 seconds just to pick up stuff. And in a game of life or death. I died abunch due to that and so did my kids.


For real. The lag makes me look like an idiot who doesn’t know how to do anything. I’m about ready to give up smithing at the forge. So much unnecesscary wasted time spent trying to make tools while lagging.

But at least I don’t starve to death after 10 years of eating berries until the entire farm is depleted. At least I don’t stand in the middle of the desert as an Eve surrounded by 3 children while I pick up and drop rocks until I die. I don’t mind teaching when I have time but I’ll never have enough time to chase people around and explain the basics of the game when they don’t seem interested in anything I have to say. It’s like herding cats.


I’ve been getting the flashing baby too.


@Ob0wie83 I know it can be tricky balancing teaching and living. My plan of action usually is if they run around like idiots its not my responsibility to make sure they survive. I’ve even threatened noobs with murder if they try doing something stupid (with warning of course)
Me: No don’t plant a berry farm right in front of the kiln.
Them: we need farm or starve.
Me: listen to your mother or ill shoot you in the face with an arrow.

I do make a point of teaching too. Its fun but only if the other person is willing to learn. Usually ill show someone how to do something. Then tell them to do it. This usually keeps them busy for 1/4 of their life.

Overall though I prioritize me living over others. Not that Id do something to endanger them but if I have a food source and food is low ill eat it and let them find their own. If food is plentiful, its their own damn fault if they die.

Giving babies simple jobs if they are noobs help. Like getting branches, clay, or even wild food and just telling them what you need. If they get it, great 1 less job for you. If they die trying to get it, well it didnt really hurt you.


Those of you who say you have lag issues after the update, are you making sure to pick a server that’s geographically close to where you are?
If you experience a lot of lag, please mention your country and server when reporting. Thanks!

I’m on US servers 1 and 2 and beginner. It’s like a 1-2 second delay as others have mentioned. Immediately after the update it was constant for me. It has improved somewhat but still happens occasionally. I never had this issue when I was on the Japanese servers before the update. I’d say the flashing babies is a bigger issue at this point.

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And your country? Is that US to?

I’m experiencing a 1 to 2 second lag on us 1 and 2. I’m in the midwest USA.

The baby flicker was continuous during three hours of play last night.

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Yes. I’m in the midwest US

Im in asia but i have not been having issues with latency before the update while in us servers.

Update: So when I switch from 4g to wifi I still get the you died/connection error but I am now able to rejoin. This is from switching back and forth manually. Is this how the fix is supposed to work?

Yes, it is. Good to hear that it works for you.

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I’m in Sweden and I am not experiencing the lag you are mentioning on the us servers. Question is whether your internet provider is having some trouble at the moment. What latency is showing for you guys on the servers in question.

Or is this lag only intermittent? Could I have missed it?

But still… So often there Japanese players on the US servers. I would prefer to play in the Japanese servers like before because of the low amount of players on the US servers. Is it possible to have an English speaking Japanese server for all to join?