Unintended abandonment

Recently I’ve died a few times, because my mother didn’t see me when I was born. I’d assume it was because of lag and/or playing without sound. I’d suggest making the women unable to move, but still be able to pick up stuff, for 2 seconds or so after giving birth. Or maybe a visual notification.


I would prefer a visual notification instead of not being able to move for two seconds.

I think it would be good If the Baby spawns directly in the arms of it’s mother. If a mother is afk the Baby could still survive and If the mother is running she would definitely regognize the Baby.


i like this idea @KazeNami also whatever you hold in hands it would fall to the ground / you will jump of the horse.

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I like the idea of babies spawning in arms but i could also see this as a potential problem. Like if your a food combo user and are waiting for your food to get to the last bars to eat and suddenly baby. Or if your a blacksmith making an important tool head and it cools down because of sudden baby.

Also i could see items being deleated because players are standing in a messy area when they have a baby and whatever they were holding cant find a open tile to land on so it goes “Poof” like with when players die in berry fields


A visual notification really might be the best way. like a little banner with a baby symbol on it tgat pops up like the little yellow or red flag that pops up when you’re hungry