Upcoming update v1.5.0. What's new?

Hi everyone,

A new update to version 1.5.0 is on its way out now. Followings are highlights in this update.

  1. Data version updates to 159. New objects include mango tree, paint and more.
  2. Client disconnects from the server will not kill the character. Client can connect to the server and continues to play the same character as long as that character is still alive.
  3. Character’s temperature calculation is performed periodically even if the character is moving.
  4. A baby cannot jump out of her/his mother’s arm until age of 1. A baby wiggle animation is played in this case.
  5. Fixes in Japanese translation for a few items.
  6. Other small improvements and fixes.

Enjoy and thanks!
The OHOL for Mobile team

Title: 新しいアップデート バージョン1.5.0 とは?



  1. データバージョンが159になり、マンゴーの木や壁画などが追加されます。
  2. サーバーからの接続切断がキャラクターの死に繋がらなくなりました。キャラクターが生存している限りは、再度の接続で同じ人生を継続してプレイすることができます。
  3. 移動中も定期的にキャラクターの体温が計算され変化します。
  4. 赤ちゃんが1歳になるまではお母さんの腕から離れられなくなります。降りようとすると赤ちゃんがじたばたします。
  5. いくつかの日本語の誤訳を修正しました。
  6. その他の改善と修正があります。


OHOL for Mobile チーム


Will the “/Die” command work?


Not in this version.

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To add a bit of flavor here: we are a bit sceptical to the /die command. We want to see how the use of it develops in the PC version before making any decisions on it. We shall see…

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I hope the baby wiggle is super cute >.<


The event shouldve went to the team forum once clicked, if they didnt read it then they dont play. People have destroyed the spawn in locations, only berries as food and no one in the english familes speaks english. Kinda pointless to play if people are destroying the spawn in.


Its beyond ridiculous at this point.

I had a relatively new English speaking player who, as a toddler, chopped out, word by word, “I. Keep. Winding. Up. In. This. Family. I. Don’t. Want. To be. Here.” At which point I explained, in limited text as a 14 year old Eve, to go to the forum to find links to other families. Sadly, she ran off to die (but she was happy!) before I could explain that she’d likely JUST WIND UP IN A FAMILY WITH A ■■■■ TON OF JAPANESE PEOPLE anyway.

I’m done with trying to build a civ or break down walls or whatever in events. And you know what the saddest thing is? The devs don’t seem to gaf about their English speaking player base. Yeah, I get it. We’re peanuts… now.

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I dont get these people, i go out of my way to try to make some sense of any family i just spawned into, its a bunch of teenager running around stealing and greifing. Why even play then?

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Sorry for the frustration. Our assumption was most players did not click any link in the last event which resulted in them split and assigned to different families. So we assign players to families based on their first language in case of no link has been clicked. It looks like this approach still does not solve every problem. We may evaluate the idea of enforcing language match mechanism like in normal game in future events or something similar.


What about a 2nd button for events? After hitting “get born” a second screen pops up for events and lists 6 different families, or something simular? Then those buttons can use the link to that family. Wouldnt be too hard to do.

Edit: oh and an “info” with a brief description, or the forum link. I think this would solve alot of event issues.


Also, I like the update :slight_smile:







In the latest version, I have no idea who the bone of the deceased person is.

I can not see the name of the bone I have been seeing.

Is this what you intended?

When I tried to bury my mother’s bone, I became saddened because I did not know which one is her bone.

I hope that this specification will be improved.


the bones you were finding were those of people who died before you were born. only the bones of people who died after you were born will show names.

Sorry for the translation if it’s rough. Google translate…

あなたが見つけた骨は、あなたが生まれる前に死亡した人のものでした。 あなたの後に死んだ人々の骨だけが名前を表示します。

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If you reconnect after a disconnect, you lose the relationship to graves because those are kept locally on your device for the time being. But your relationship to live players is kept on server and should be available even after you reconnect.


Not that case.
I saw nameless grave what just died here now.
After update we didn’t see name of grave ever.

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That sounds like a bug. Thanks for reporting. I will look into it!


I didn’t research enough still,
But I found nameless grave bugs when before last update.
My mother bone to be nameless when I use baskets for graves, and put into hand cart.

  1. Use basket to named grave, and make 2 or more bone’s baskets.
  2. Put baskets into cart. (Plz remember name of last bone you put.)
  3. Take basket from cart, and put off to ground, then It’s name has be last bone’s name.
  4. Take second basket and put off to ground, now second bone has be last bone’s name, and first one to be nameless(or often, first bone named to second name from last)

Idk, is this bugs fixed by last update.

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