Update 1.6.0 is coming soon

Here’s what you should expect from this week’s update:

  1. new content including data version 164. Fishing, playing cards and dice are among the new things to try out. There are also a lot of little tweaks and improvements to the content, compared with data version 159.

  2. fixed the bug that relationship names got lost on graves.

  3. fixed the Account Conflict issue.

  4. fixed the “can’t move” bug (finally found it, yay!)

  5. other small bug fixes.

  6. Server list filters out servers based on main language. If you don’t speak Japanese, you won’t see the Japan servers and vice versa.

  7. Language is no longer fixed to one per family. Non-Japanese speakers will have an easier time of finding other people to play with.

There will also be a new event type this weekend, where you can try out the new fishing content:


Title: アップデート1.6.0、まもなく配信


  1. データバージョン164と新しいコンテンツ:魚釣り、カードとサイコロなどが主な新しいお試しどころ。その他に、バージョン159より多くの微調整や改善があります。
  2. お墓(骨)の関係が消えてしまうバグの修正。
  3. アカウント競合についての修正。
  4. 「動けない」バグの修正(やっと原因を見つけられました、やった!)
  5. その他のバグの修正。
  6. サーバーのリストにメインの言語に基づいてフィルターがかかるようになりました。日本語話者でない場合、Japanサーバーが見えなくなりますし、日本語話者には他のサーバーが見えなくなります。
  7. 一つの家族に一言語だけという制限がなくなります。日本語話者でない人が他のプレイヤーを見つけやすくなります。


They have become non-significant. Some Japanese change their main language to non Japanese and join a non Japanese language server, and what is more they speak Japanese in the server and use it as private server. It’s just for your information.

Understood. This is only a first step though. We will eventually automate server selection fully. People who want to play the standard game will be matched to families according to location and language.
At that time, people who want a real private server will be able to get it, but they will have to cover the costs of running and maintaining the servers through some IAP. They won’t be able to “occupy” one of the public servers.
This is not happening right away though, that’s why we took the intermediate action of filtering the server list by language.


Thanks for your quick precisely response. I can’t wait for the real private server!