Update 1.9.0 predictions

There will be…
-Industrial Clothes
-Milk bottles
-Food fans
-Large computers

And that’s about it. Owner, if you see this, please add those. Thanks!


Map or the family tree connection to spawn in the same area :smiley:

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I like the idea of mapping. Although I’d rather it be player generated than an autonomous game feature. It could lead to being able to find existing villages and help deal with complaints about respawning and restarting. Like if you spawned in an area that had been mapped your home marker would set automatically. Similar to the bell tower I guess except without the stipulation that requires a player to be in the village. The work behind it would involve making the map of course, but also crafting and placing markers in surrounding biomes to ensure accuracy and increase the level of difficulty. I’m doubtful this will happen but I like the idea.


Or reduce the time from the bell tower blocks from 3hrs to 1 or 2 hours make it a bit easier.