Update 2.22.0 Railroad system update / バージョン2.22.0 線路のアップデート

1. Turnable Track / 転車台
Now you can make turntables under the tracks, to turn your carts.


2. Stop Flags / 停止旗
Carts will stop at the red stop flags. Just remove the flag when you wish them to continue.

3. U-Turn Flag / 方向旗
To get carts that are not on the end of a track to go back, just poke them with a U turn flag.

4. Multiple Carts / 複数のトロッコ
You can have multiple carts run on the same tracks without crashing. So you can fill up many carts and send them off at once instead of working with only one cart.

5. Tracks now have to be constructed on gravel / 線路を作るには砂利が必要
The stress of multiple carts running indefinitely over the same tracks would cause them to break. Gravel underneath will absorb the forces and give you maintenance-free tracks that last virtually forever.

Bonus! / ボーナス!
As a response to requests from you players, clay will now regenerate if you leave the clay spots alone for awhile, so you won’t run out of clay for making explosives.


the swiping for placing stakes wasnt that obvious :see_no_evil: i guess after 3 years of laying down stakes and hit it with something i didnt expect a swiping motion.

good update tho. i love it :heart_eyes: easy to make even for newbs at new common machienes.

havent tested the flags or carts yet. but its fun so far :partying_face:

and using a saw for broken carts is fun and easy to understand. i like it.