Update update

@Christoffer hope you’re not too busy with all the demands. I was wondering if you could make a post or something about the next update. I know there is a lot going on right now but I know I’m getting antsy not knowing the progress. Is there any update info you can share, such as expected changes or a time frame when the next update might be?

You will see much more of this next week. Our first release in China mainland is happening on Jan 15th. This has occupied the whole team to a large extent, because the special demands in China requires us to release a different version of the app than we have released internationally.

There will be a smallish update next week, but it will be followed soonish by some really interesting new features. I will lay it out in a post next week.

For some of the new stuff that we are planning, I will create separate posts to get the feedback from this community before we lock the designs. The first of those is a redesign of the curse system, to make non-griefers more powerful against griefers.

Update: here it is


Now I won’t have to worry about my entire village getting destroyed by a griefer!


Thanks :slight_smile: