Update v0.9.10 is here now! What's new?

This new version is on its way and should be available in your store soon. Followings are highlights in this version.

  1. Server data version has been updated from 116 to 124. Jason has done some changes/fixes in the new data version, like you can now remove the flint tip off from flint tipped bow drill. The seal skin should now be in the right place when worn as well.

  2. A Child can be named by adoptive parent. This is also a change that Jason has done in his version. To be precise, any adult can name any unnamed young child by picking him/her up. The naming button will show and allow holding parent to name the child normally. The child will inherit holding parent’s family name.

  3. Yum/Meh effect is visible to players now. They have been working in the mobile version from the very beginning but lacking a visible representation which they finally get in this update. Detailed description can be found here: https://forum.onehouronelife.app/t/what-and-where-are-yum-and-meh-answers-found-here/1369

  4. 8 different languages has been added to the game. The game structure supports 8 different languages other than English now. Please note: localized contents are not ready yet and we use Google translated text for some of them as placeholders. You will notice a lot of bad translations if you understand them but don’t worry it’s just a test and will be replaced by proper contents later.
    You can read detailed topic about our language support here: https://forum.onehouronelife.app/t/language-support-in-ohol-for-mobile/1370

  5. Tutorial has been added in this update. It’s the same tutorial as in the PC version but changed to explain the touch interface, Book of Hints, naming and keyboard buttons, etc. Tutorial is turned on on default for everyone. You can turn it off by either finishing it (by lighting up the final torch) or go to settings menu outside the game and uncheck the ‘Enter tutorial game’ checkbox. We would very much like feedback on the tutorial!

  6. A profanity filter was added. From now on when a player is naming someone, him/herself or another player, this filter will be applied to find any inappropriate word against multiple languages. If something suspicious is found, a message box will pop out and inform player about it. Then he/she can use a different name instead. This is a compulsory process.
    When it comes to player speak, the same filter can be optionally applied on the receiving end. Inappropriate words will be censored. You can turn it on or off in the settings menu even in the game.

  7. Decay of things are enabled on the server. Decay was disabled for some items on our servers. Skeletons did not disappear and baskets stayed eternally. They are back to normal from now. Things will decay like they should.

  8. Touch and hold on an object/player will display the info of it without triggering any action. This is a small helper extension to the current gesture control. A quick tap will show info about the subject clicked and act on it. Touch and hold on a thing/player only shows the info. No action will actually be performed.

  9. Grave information is added like the PC version. If some of your relative dies when you are still alive, their relationship to you will also be visible when information about their graves is shown.

  10. Larger writing in the Book of Hints. Some text was pretty hard to read on smaller devices. There is now more room for text and larger characters.

  11. Server topology has been reworked. Some other small stuff have also been added.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the game!
Regards from the OHOL for Mobile team.


I have just rolled out this build to both TestFlight and the internal test track on Google Play. Servers for the new version were launched in the US, Europe and Asia earlier today.

The new data version is 124. The other servers will be migrated over from data version 116 within a few days, so please upgrade as soon as possible, and try out the new and improved features.

See you in the game!



This sounds interesting!

I hope so!

We are quite close to release now. Help us make it a great one, will you? :grin:


First impressions were great!
The tutorial will help beginners to understand the game more so that players won’t have to ask for help, which saves alot more time!

The “yum” mechanic was quite interesting, but i haven’t tried it too much yet. So i can’t tell for sure if it balances the hunger bar issue yet. But i will make sure to give my feedback some time in the future!

And adding more languages is a great step towards full release. Its a great way to gather more players, which will help to develop the game further.

All in all I really like where the game is going, and I cant wait for the full release!




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Hmmm - prophanity filter seems to be a bit much. Can’t call myself queen or princess. Which I guess could be used in a sentence to hate on someone but certainly aren’t profanities in themselves

The Queen Dude legacies are at an end!!!

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Yes, it’s a bit narrow. We had to purchase an off the shelf tool for this. Not sure why it would censor those words. For now, we have to make do with this filter though.

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I may have a look into it to whitelist them at some time.

Queen Dude will live again!!!

Are we meant to have male characters now? Just saw my “brother”

Since the final release is coming close so we decided to bring the game more like a “real” one. So males are back now.

Why hoe is a bad word

I told my son that I will make a hoe and hoe did not show up is it because it’s a bad word in different languages

I guess we’ll have to white-list it, since it’s pretty important in the game.

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Have been playing the game for a few days, now thank you so much I do have a major problem. That been wanting to address with and see if you could fix it as soon as possible have been playing for a few hours, but the problem I been having is there is not enough hours in a day.
To say the least I love the game great job.

Also by the way is there a email I can talk with you had a few ideas for your game and would love to here you input.

Or send me a email when you have a chance

LOL… you can say ho (how I write the vulgar word) but not hoe.