Update / 近況


It was a while since we released a new version now, and I figure you may like an update on what’s going on?

First: our team members have had a decent vacation this summer. Most have had 4 weeks off to recuperate after an eventful time. At this time everyone is back at work, but we are still working remotely all of us. This way of working is a bit different in that it’s harder to do short, small projects whereas doing bigger, longer projects still work pretty well. In other words, you should probably expect longer time between new releases than what you were used to before Corona times.

Second: For the next upcoming release, we planned to revisit and improve the mining system, and also pie baking. The ideas on the mines has grown though and will take some more time to finish, so we have decided to make it into two releases. Pies first and Mines second. We expect to finish the pies next week and then you will have a new look for all pies, plus a changed selection of what pies you can make. When the mining update is finished, you will have ways to dig your mines deeper and extract more iron from them, but also other minerals. It will be more work to build and run mines, but they will also yield more precious iron … and gold :moneybag:.

Third: We are also working on a much bigger and more fundamental project, which will take a long time to finish. I will return to that subject and give you more information soon, but for now let’s call it the “Secret Long-Term Project”, shall we? :wink: This consumes some development time that would otherwise go into small updates, but it will be worth it once it’s ready, so stay tuned…

Here’s a little preview of some of the pies:

A selection of different meat pies

…and some of the vegetarian options




次に:次のアップデートでは、採鉱とパイ作りの改良を予定しています。鉱脈についての案が思いの外大きくなりまだ時間がかかりそうなので、二度のリリースに分けることにしました。まずパイ、そして次に鉱脈です。来週にはパイの改良を終わらせて、見た目の新装と、パイの種類の変更をしたいと思います。鉱脈の改良が終われば、もっと鉱脈を深く掘り下げてさらに鉄を得たり、他の鉱物も取れるようになります。鉱脈を掘る作業が増えますが、これまでより多くの鉄を産出します…そしてゴールドも :moneybag:

最後に:実は我々は長期的でもっと大きくもっと基礎的なプロジェクトを並行しています。これについてはまた別の機会にもう少し詳しくお知らせしたいと思っていますが、今のところはこれを「シークレット長期プロジェクト」と呼んでおきましょう :wink: これにはなかなかの開発時間を要していますが、準備が整えばとても価値あるものになると思います。お楽しみに…


Im actually very excited for the pies! Looks neat!


yay we can finally have triangle pie slices :partying_face: not this barbaric way of sideways cutting the pies as if it’s a loaf of bread :wink:


Will you redo the texture of the plates too? :sweat_smile:

Im excited for the next update.

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Thank you devs. I like the cute pork pie.


Do the servers reset after a big update like the one the devs are planning? Just wondering if my town will get erased on us beginners server.


no it wont be erased. you can keep up your town :blush:!

only updates like adding a new biome would erase the map or if resources would get refreshed faster.

@Christoffer or is there anything planned which will erase towns?


everything okay :slight_smile: no erase of towns

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Thanks! @Heidi_van_Bergen

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In my opinion, the only thing better than a pie… is a stack of pies!


Its beautiful :relieved:


Yaaay :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: can’t wait for stack of pies!

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Amazing! This will increase storage a lot! :partying_face: And you put a stack of pies in a box? :clap:

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Yes. Or in a cart :slight_smile:

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Did the update wipe out the maps? :thinking: