US-1 key bug

One key can open all locks, although the locks are different.This is not available on other servers, exclusive to US-1 bug.
It bothers me a little bit
​I hope to have a reply. Thank you.

It has long been a bug that after every update the key and locks will be refreshed. So they seem to be universal. You just need to remake them every time after a update.

Of course I know! This is what I reconfigured after the refresh.

I guess they could be improved. I will create a ticket in our system for looking at them.
Nothing special with the US server though.

There are only 10 locks, so anytime you make two, there’s always 10% chance/risk that the same key fits in both.

I found out the reason. It turns out that it’s the reason why I grind too much. More than ten , it will become a master key.

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