US 1 Server

Where are all my US 1 players? Hasnt been more than 1 or 2 players on us 1 the last couple weeks:(


Yes, it’s so sad :disappointed_relieved:

I wish we could have a international server, that would be the Us an European server combined…

That way the international server would be more populated :thinking:

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The US in the name means that the server sits in the US. It’s not possible to make a server sit both in the US and in Europe at the same time, but it’s still possible for players from different regions to play on the same server.

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@Christoffer where is the en-nokids server located? it seems further away from «frankfurt am main» like the eu-2 server.

That one is on the US east coast

oh wow. i thought it’s much closer to europe :slight_smile: it’s pretty fast for me. about 130ms latency. for the eu-2 server i have 25ms. the other us server are more like 250ms-300ms.

@xF0XYx @Buttercup maybe en-nokids is a good server for EU and US play together.


Yes, I never understood those numbers before, but I guess it’s something about speed?

I live in Denmark, but I have always played on the US server, since there is so few people using the European server.

I sometimes experience lacks which limit my game play, but rather that, than playing alone all the time :thinking::heart:

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yes it’s there to show you how much lag you will have.

0ms to 25ms (milliseconds) is nothing. you wont tell if it’s there or not.

130ms latency i can tell it’s there, but it’s not that much. so you still can play the game pretty fast. so en-nokids works pretty fine for me.

but 250ms is a bit tricky. you have almost to wait for the game to load. for fast stuff it’s a bit annoying. like when you work together and you use the same tiles and suddenly you have object in your hand, because you haven’t seen your companion putting them there.

and 500ms is the worst. you have to wait half a second for the map to load or for you to pick up stuff.


Wow @Heidi_van_Bergen thank you so much for explaining me that, now it all makes sense for me :smile::partying_face:


Im not a fan of the no kids server. I like seeing how far into civilization a family can get:)


I agree!

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I kinda like to see that as well. Tho with so few ppl a town almost always dies very quick if no one puts a lily there. If you are interested in building something huge with a small group maybe our project in en no child server is something for you? Maybe I can recruit you? :smiley: all help is needed and we are all friendly and working on a goal together!

For more information look at the EN no child construction site topic