US server gone?

The US1 server is gone, and beginner 2 seems to have taken its place?!

Please tell me this is a temporary glitch. I have a little town on US1 that I have spent months and months creating!

@Christoffer ?


I’m afraid that us1 is gone, yes. We needed to rebalance the servers to be were the players are, and us1 had an average of less than 1 player over all.
While I appreciate that this is sad to the individual players who played there, the needs of the many needed to trump the needs of the few.
I hope you understand?

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I do understand. That one was me, most days, but it did feel a bit unfair, like I had an entire playground to myself! And I saw all the over-crowding comments about the Chinese servers…clearly changes needed to be made.

Plus, I believe that paying for a private server is still possible, right? So I have options. :slight_smile:

I will miss my peaceful little homestead, but I can make another.

Thanks for responding and explaining!


It’s really sad because me and Heidi ho built a village, almost town,on this starting Easter and last weekend filled 7 baby bottle, we were so happy in our home


Yep we worked hard while it lasted. I’ll miss our little place. You are a great team mate Ada.


I am sure you can rebuild! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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