Us servers

Why are the Us servers are only jp players?


it’s not supposed to be that way, not with the new update of geo location and that stuff… maybe they are Chinese or Korean

anyways everything is really messed up now. low population servers, me and other English players being forced to play with people from different countries… I don’t speak Russian or German or whatever, so mixing the player base has become a problem… at least for me


The new update doesn’t mean forbidding jp player to enter us servers or eu servers, but just distinguish player by primary language so if a jp player sets a language except Jp, this player is able to be born in non-jp server. Some jp player are eager to play in a small population server so perhaps they set other language and play in us server.
Besides, in a server, we may spawn near a different language speaker. Thus, you might meet jp player in us server. And, if you spawn while any non-jp player isn’t playing, you will meet jp player only.

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Alrigty I went through all the languages currently. What I’m guessing is that for every language except japanese it is set to give a list of servers based upon geo location.

For example I still have Us 1-2 + Beg. Europe 1-2 and Singapore-1 for every langauge. When I use Jap. as the main though it shows a list of all jap. servers.

This makes sense considering the larger jap. player base. I’m sure some fine tuning will help the server list set include availability for main language selected and geo location in the future.