Use Profile Pics please

Ive been noticing a lot people dont use profile pics on here. Thats fine and all but it makes it hard to see who liked comments and what not. I like to check who liked other peoples comments (cus im creepy like that Xp) but i cant see someone who doesnt use a profile pic :sob:
You cant even click on the space where their pfp would be to see who it was. Notices how theres a slightly bigger gap between my pfp and the other two? Theres clearly 4 people (including me) who liked the post but only three pfp.


Don’t blame them. It’s a bug.

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I didnt mean to blame them lol just wanted to let them know that i cant see them when they like somebodys post. And untill Christopher or whoever does the forums codding has time to fix it we should let everyone know to use a profile picture.

It’s a bug on all Discourse forums.

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Ah ok i didnt know. I thought they made the forums :joy:never even noticed the discourse logo up at the top :joy::joy::joy: