Users of BlueMango Town

Hi This is Bella the Eve from BlueMango village :smiley:

First of all, thank you to generation 2 - 4. You guys helped a lot. I hope you all come back to the village.

I want to mention something. While I was gone for few hours,

  • The structure of our village changed (road was destroyed and moved)
  • Furnance was destroyed and moved as well
  • Items are all scattered (I organized before I left) - Sheeps escaped from pen

I cleaned for 2 lives… please keep it mind I’m not your maid. You are free to use any items but please put it back…This is basic rule in bluemango or in any other town/village…


How can I join your village?

I was your son!
I died North of town from a snake :sob:

I think you shouldn’t let anybody into your town if you expect people to listen to the rules (or even better, buy a private server so you won’t be bothered by others).

:sob: it’s my little hope…

And there’s still ton of great ppl

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I saw it on family tree and got so sad :sob: I was actually looking for you…

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