Using a horse & cart?

Fun times, I was in a busy town and mistakenly jumped on a horse & cart—something I have never done before! “Cool,” I thought, “Let’s see how this works!” And I tried driving down to the forest area to collect tree branches.

Once I got there, I jumped off and went to collect branches to load onto the cart…but the horse suddenly wandered off! Selecting it let me know it was now a “Run-Away Horse and Cart” or something, and I spent a good minute or two chasing it down and jumping on it’s back again.

Giving up on loading the cart with anything, I returned it to it’s original place and tied it to the fence there. Phew!

So…how is this supposed to work?? How does a cart get loaded/unloaded if you’re in a place where there is no fence to tie up the horse???


is the horsecart loaded you need to swipe up on horse.

when you in forest, you need to be fast… go up and down from horse…
also depends on mobile connection/latency if you better don’t to it… or if you can be fast enough to jump from horse

sometimes, I place just one horse fence in the middle of wood - as I know I will go there again and again (depend on recourses, like shovel)

The cart was empty.

So am I understanding this correctly…that you cannot control the horse/cart when you are not sitting on it, so you jump on and off every few moments while you also load the cart? So, for example, you ride up next to a piece of iron, jump off the horse, grab the iron, put it in the cart by swiping, then quickly jump on the horse again…yes?

I like the idea of putting up a fence somewhere you go often, like a forest or a mine.

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and swamp for clay

To add I believe that horse carts stay still for 10-15 seconds I forget the exact amount, but you do have a certain amount of time before it moves.


It would be really cool to have it were the horse won’t runaway like tamed horse should stay by you if you are using it. Just like dogs stay by you. That is how it is in real life. Also would be really cool if if you could breed horses like sheep and cows and pigs.



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Yeah I hate the horse and cart I just use a cart I am not trying to chase a horse all over the place

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But carts alone decay over time…isn’t it true that if you attach one to a horse it will not decay?

I just hate building carts over and over.

Mine hasn’t decayed yet so I am assuming so

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Really, you should be able to tie a horse to a tree! That is how this is solved in the real world.

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Yeah exactly!!! And how come when my sheep get out I can’t rope them