Using the backpack

Recently I have been using the backpack more and more. It took me quite a while to figure out how to consistently put things into and out of it.

It seems to work by holding something and single tapping anywhere on the character - which will place something in there. Having nothing in your hands and single tapping your character will pull something out.

I understand dragging to the backpack like in pc would be insanely frustrating on mobile devices - but I’m wondering if a double tap would work better.

Essentially with the single tap I am constantly pulling things out and putting things in there I don’t mean to.

Also - it would be good to have these controls mentioned in the mobile control guide on this forum as those controls are different to anything else in the game


Thanks for the suggestion. I have updated the guide with backpack and clothes:

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Double tap is unfortunately very unpredictable on touch screens. On many screens it could register as separate taps (sometimes with different coordinates too) or even a drag gesture, and it would become difficult to perform the operation on those devices. That’s why we don’t want to use double tap as a control.