Using worms

I don’t play the main game (I’m playing mobile version because it suits my free time) but do worms work in the real game.

I thought they were put in hardened soil to make it usable for farming after a period of time… right now while civilisations on the mobile app are just startup on the verge of smithing tools there is enough soil around to replenish farms but later between collecting soil and getting far enough for compost I thought worms were the bridge.

Let me know what is up with them… if they are bugged. or if they serve a different purpose.

The earth worms currently serves no purpose (besides being cute?), either in the mobile or desktop game. Previously they did, before the soil tech was overhauled. We keep them in the game since they are present in the desktop game. My guess is that they may find a new purpose in some future update.

As far as I know: They used to be for the compost making purposes. Because it got to hard to maintain the farm after their introduction, Jason decided to eliminate them in the compost soil line. ( and from the hardened soil line ■■■ well)

Please keep them they are usually my first pet after that comes sheep or horses

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