Venting frustration

I just want to say how frustrated I am with the eve spawn update coming up (or current or whenever it goes into affect.) Seriously though. They are taking away eve spawning when 60 is reached because of “how we play”. Yet nothing has been done even after multiple requests about the griefing. Why, I feel like so many people want to build something amazing but the developers and other players are working against that.


I 100% agree on this. Something has to be done about this.

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Maybe for English servers since we are smaller we could send people to donkey town with 5 curses. Any additional curses add time, and also bring back grave cursing.

I think you have misunderstood the change. This feature had a bug that made it unreliable (and which people have been mad about before). Jason has finally found this bug and corrected it, which hopefully means that it will work better once we incorporate his change.
He has also added some restrictions, but they only matter for servers with high numbers of players.


Oh really? Thats actually great to see that you have improved it! Honestly thought this might have been patched soon enough. Thanks for the info!

@Christoffer Ya, idk I was told that eves will only respawn in a village if there is less then 4 people online. We’re small but not that small. Eves only spawn when there are no available mothers so I don’t know why any exception would be made. Though I don’t get to see all the issues you guys do.

I still think that something needs to be done to punish griefers but que sera.

Thanks for the info. I love this game but sometimes i get very discouraged as ma nk y of us have experienced.

The feature is switched off when there are 4 or more Eves on one server. Not 4 players. Someone gave you incorrect information.

Regarding griefers, maybe the curse requirement should be lower on servers with less players. Something for us to think about at least.