Version 2.2.0, What's New? / バージョン2.2.0とは?

New content:

  • Make Bricks from mud and create roads and floors of many colors.
  • Use Wheat to cook Gruel to feed small children and Elderly; Porridge for the others.
  • You can now make Water pouches without having fire technology first. Easier to start the first farm.
  • Doubled the amount of thread you get from Milkweed.
  • New type of shoe: Geta
  • The Stone Road has an improved look and can also be used as a floor

Auto-run on roads use a different touch gesture now: Stand on the road and do a touch-and-hold. When you release, auto-run starts. Easy, but less likely to happen by accident.

Also translation fixes and other smaller improvements.



  • 泥からレンガを作って、色のついた道路や床にすることができます。
  • 麦で子どもやお年寄り向けのおかゆを作ることができます。もちろん誰でも食べられます(今後お米のおかゆも追加されるかもしれません)。
  • 先に火がなくても水のポーチを作れるようになり、最初の畑作りが楽になります。
  • トウワタから今までより二倍の糸がとれるようになります。
  • 新しい靴:げた
  • 石の道の見た目が改良され、床に使用することができます。




The new version will be released for both iOS and Android as soon as the Apple review is complete.

Awesome man! Excited to see the bricks and another use for wheat :+1: now I just need to be able to make a ditch full of gruel for the kiddies


I can’t wait to make some gruel! Yummy!

Good to see new items and improvements.
When do we will see the characters and items be redrawn?

Are you aching for new graphics? We are working on designing a new set of characters, but we want to put out updates regularly too, so we can’t work full time on them.
They will not be ready for some time still, but I have some concept art that I can show you, to wet your appetite…

(In the game, the look would be a bit simpler, of course)

Everyone, feel free to offer feedback on the ideas for new characters, but remember that these are not finished.



It would be cool if some futer male characters had epic level beards. The kind of beards that reach their waists.
We have a lot of male and female characters but theres not really one who has that epic level beard. Though there are a few with great beards.

There are two kinds that i can think of off the top of my head. The ones that are thin and taper to a point that you usually see on older asian men in anime and on wizards in comics and movies. Or the full fluffy beard that they could probably hide a bottle of whiskey in if they wanted to.

The characters are too much modern and seem don’t suit nature in the raw. It’s good that they are more similar to primitive people.

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I think it would be tempting to have something fantasy rather than seek a new character design.

For example, I think it would be nice to have a beastman.

I think that a civilization with people of beasts such as rabbits, squirrels, tigers, lions and alpacas is also attractive.


I like the beard idea :smile:

It may be the clothes that are too modern? In the game you start naked anyway, so if you want modern clothes you would have to explore the tech tree.

Note that this is concerting characters and not clothes - the latter are there as embellishments

It’s a nice idea. If there is a lot of interest, maybe that’s a possible theme for a later tribe (character set)

I like the beast men idea as a seperate racial set. Itd also be cool if the carnivore based characters would get more food nutition from meats while herbivore based characters would get more from plant based foods.

Then human tribes would be the normal game balance while beast tribes you could learn to survive a bit difreantly by having to hunt or farm more.

Depending in how furry the character models would be to could affect temprature. For exanple if their whole body was designed to have fur then they would have better temps naturally but clothes could over heat them in normal bioms. (For balance food would have to be more restrictive) or the less furry or no fur but with some animal features then they would have no temp bonuses but instead movement speeds or food bonuses.

Or it can be purely cosmetic lmao its just generally a good idea to change up normal gameplay in my opinion lmao


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@Christoffer i think they were refering to the bright hair styles since they are not natural ocuring hair colours they feel a bit out of place for a strugling rebuilding civilization. Perhaps if there was a way to dye hair in the game it would feel more natural for the babys to be born with vibrant hair styles but that would require hair variants to be programed in and and various primitive hair dyeing techniques to be implemented like berry juice dyes.


I said about the latter. I see they are embellishments but JP official tweet the characters having the stereoscopic extremities and having the stick extremities might coexist. If it’s true, I can’t tell a embellishment parts from the others.

Regarding the hair, the dye will be a nice solution.

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2, 4, 7, and 11 are my favorites out of them.

Foot and hand stick. Do not change this style.
Real hair color. Blue x.
No need for eyebrows.
If your eyes don’t look like oil-based characters, I think it’s fine if you have eyes like that picture.

Beastman is a fantasy
If you want to make a reality, you should stop

The story changes, but is there a management policy for this game?

There is a management proposal when exchanging.
Please at least manage. You do not have to issue new elements.
In the meantime, prepare the whole and exchange it at one time.

No one can stop if you want to stop running.

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