Video about giving credit for public domain works

Agreed. The outcome here though is not determined yet. Why not instead say your peace once and reserve the rest of your judgements for that time if you believe this is unnecessary drama causing unrest? You’re choosing to participate instead because it’s important to you. Put yourself in Jason’s shoes for a minute and imagine how important it is to him.

Tolerance does not come in one way . It comes with two ways . In this context , we can see dd is very calm and produce recommendation one in a while. However, Jason seems to be very angry .


Same reason you can’t just say your peace and move on. I have been in Jason’s shoes but would never have smeared all over social media and instead looked at the legality of it. Morals can’t be controlled but laws can be learned, if Jason was screwed because he didn’t protect himself that is not entirely DD’s fault.

I appreciate Jason’s creative mind but I don’t believe in smearing someone’s name because you don’t like that what they did. I feel no guilt in voicing my support for DD. Though I do understand the angst of someone taking credit for your work.


That is how you see it. I don’t. I think Dual Decade could have been more professional. Maybe it would have been wiser for them to be straightforward with their exact position and to ignore Jason to begin with. Instead they gave him the impression that this was a negotiation they were willing to have publicly on the forums.


Jason wasn’t going to get screwed though. He’s always had leverage because the game is not finished. If Dual Decade wanted to continue to roll out his content and updates, there were only two options from the start. The fact that it has come down to Dual Decade making their own content should come to them as no surprise.

Morals can’t be controlled but social norms can be influenced. Both sides of the story are there for anyone to look at.

Silence is acceptance


Well said.

DD didn’t ignore jason out of respect for the original creator of the game. Jason has no respect for DD for bringing the game to mobile.

As much as the game can change as far as different content,nothing prevents ANYONE from doing the exact same thing except for not respecting jason and simply ignoring him to begin with.

That person who ignores jason would then find themselves at the top of search bars. Anyone searching for the pc version on mobile will always type in “OHOL” first.

Do you think this game will finish (have full content soon) after all? I never thought of it .

It won’t. It’s always changing and getting more content every week. That’s the idea.

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I want to say something but I don’t know how to say it . Isn’t this idea that makes “one hour one life” one hour one life ? The change in game ,new contents , aren’t they why we are playing this game . Is Jason ok with the mobile game moving away from what he has always wanted (his great idea , his great art , his and his mother’s picture of eve ) ? I wonder if he has attachment to this game(mobile one) . Imagine you create something, someone copied it . You allowed it and now they are changing it . They are changing your baby. It is getting different . Isn’t it scary? Anyway, if dd is changing the content to be different from Jason concept , will the game be the same again ? Will the feel be same again? I don’t know .


I agree, I think it really aweful to have to change everything, because I like ohol. But that sucks for us I guess.


Maybe someone else will create another port of the game copying the original Ohol and crediting Jason as he sees fit. Maybe the game made by Dual Decade will be better. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What if the only thing that didn’t change was the concept?

Hmmm , then it will be a disaster or a sweet revenge .
Since there is chance for new human characters to look the same, vampires , werewolf , angel are added . Horses will now be replaced by bull, yeehaw cowboy . Pond , meh … lakes that takes up from 1 to 4 spaces , maybe waterfall , unlimited fish to catch using trap . No more ducks but chicken . Eggs are used in cake , noodles yum… No more sheeps. All is replaced by alpacas woa… Boar … nah … raindeer with horn … Wolf … nah …cheetah … Bear … nah … Lion… mosquitoes… nah … houseflies , rats or bats … you can see that we now generate electric from the waterfall. Hey , we are now green… Remember the hot spring , apparently the heat can be uses to generate electricity too . We now have more animals to hunt from squirrel , deer to elephants. We now have more plants ranging from spinach , Popeye the sailor man , cucumber to tomatoes , yup spaghetti. Then , we begin to have rice , fruits ranging from melon, lemon to the smelly durian. Instead of plane , we have shinkansen, damm it is fast . Wow , the car can now accommodate more people . Yeah… can bring kids to new village . Wait… is this one hour one life anymore ? Damm… I went too far.
Or we could just stuck here now with no more new updates.

But then… Until now , everything in “one hour one life” mobile wouldn’t have come true with Jason who first created the steam version and dd who make it come true for mobile version. From the image I see from the Chinese player in the forum, he or she seems to be happy as they from China don’t really have a chance to play a lot of international game . Dd make it come true. Can’t everything return to the the past again? Can’t we all enjoy Jason’s work(I mean artwork and design) with touch mobile phones? @jasonrohrer without you , there will be no one hour one life neither will there be one hour one life for mobile or the forum and even the mobile forum. Can’t you just agree to accept the royalties and make an agreement so dd will follow your design and not make “ Santa or peace flower “ as you don’t like people to be confused with your design. Accepting royalties means respecting your artwork and your worth as a game designer. In no case that it intends to harm your integrity. Be proud of your work . Be proud that there are a lot of people enjoying you work be it unofficial mobile version or official steam version. From the forum, i believe most people and me have reached a conclusion that we hope for you to reach an agreement with dd . Please be willing to meet them . They are your fans too . If they don’t like you or your work , they would not have ask permission in the first place or try to reconcile with you by taking further steps now . I am sorry . We are sorry for being confused as fans or not . Please forgive us . Please…

This video is something my parents would show me

Gotta agree with Ranma on this. Posting a passive agressive, childish song like this on the forums is unprofessional to say the least. This could all have been avoided just by taking the appropriate legal precautions with contracts and paperwork from the start. Jason perhaps failed to do so and now he’s going to the media, the forums, and involving the players while taking an accusatory and aggressive tone which I think is unhelpful and uncalled for.

This whole debacle just reeks of poor contractual management…


jasonrohrer wrote:
“Furthermore, they asked for clarification along the way, and I gave it, explaining that claiming sole authorship would be fraud. They they claimed sole authorship anyway for 40+ days in China, the largest market the game has ever been exposed to.”

“So not only did they go against common sense, libel law, etc. They also went against the specific clarification that I gave them, early and often, while they were working on their version of the game.”

"In fact, my clarification was that they didn’t have to give me credit—BUT that they couldn’t take sole credit themselves. From May 2018:

So, just be sure to make this clear. Same game, but an unofficial port, by you guys, but based on my work. You don’t HAVE to say that it is based on my work, by the way (there is no attribution license in place here), but if you’re claiming authorship yourselves, you’d better mention this so as not to commit fraud."

This statement was on point @BillyTheGoat.

Well the thing with “official” title in China has been dealt with. Legally DD doesn’t have to change anything else or put “unapproved by original creator Jason r.” I still feel that was sneaky marketing by a chinese publisher, but nothing can be done about a past that’s already been corrected.

So anything more that DD does beyond putting unofficial in the title is optional because Jason does not have an attribution license. I understand Jason wants to change that and he has every right to protect his game. Talk to your licensor, change what’s required by law, have DD notified by a legal agent what changes are required for them to continue porting ohol.

Ultimately Dual Decade decided that they aren’t willing to put unofficial in their title (this was the change that was required). Then one must assume their goal was to be known as the official port of ohol, the reason being that which @BillyTheGoat pointed out. There was, inarguably, a claim made of sole authorship by Dual Decade, resulting in Jason’s requests for immediate and further clarification with specific language and terms he suggested. Instead of following this path, Dual Decade is making the “hard fork” to meet their own goal of having the word official in their title. Also, Jason is working on modifying his original no_copyright.txt document.