Voices of the Ancestors: Chat in Observation Mode

“Ancestor Voices” or “Voices of the Ancestors”

Communications from players in observation mode of your character.

In game players are subtly notified when being observed
In game players can toggle on or off “ancestor voices” at any time
Toggle button could be red when no one is watching, and green when being observed
Longest in game text limit/standard duration of display of messages
Ancestor text appears at top of screen next to toggle button

Why? Because it may increase transmission of knowledge
-skill building and more immediate assistance to new players
-assistance finding lost items and resource locations
-final goodbye role-play when a player dies in the wilderness
-help identifying griefers

I understand you have to purchase the “observation mode” first
This feature should come included in that purchase
Players who have not purchased “observation mode” should still be able to receive ancestor communications, they just can not be an ancestor
Can anyone think of any cons to this?
Would you use this feature?