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This is the best suggestion to ever exist. Far better than any of the other suggestions I’ve seen here. Encore! Encore!

The volcano idea is cool, maybe it could replace the monolith so we don’t have the exact same doomsday like say every thousands of years it erupts or something xD


That actually sounds like a good idea for a special server. something like every week the server is reset due to an apocalypse maybe there could be a condition to stop the apopcalypse. I mean like someone has to find an empty monolith and compleate it to stop the apopcalypse and extend the time for a week or such.

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Maybe it’s not necessary trigger an apocalipse. Maybe just cover a surrounding land with lava for 500 tiles radius or something. And also different types of vulcanos makes different sizes of explosion (devastating or small eruption). And to mimicked the real vulcanos it needs smokes that could kill people that randomly blown to different direction (means there’s a wind).

The volcano must be really really rare (even more rare than the bees) because it would be hard to lived if there’s a lot of volcanoes.

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