Wanted: Sicko Mode Jumbo

I have reason to believe that I’ve been recently been sent to Donkey Town and all because I, an Eve, was trying to protect my village from a possible griefer constantly asking “where’s the bow?” every five seconds. When I killed the possible griefer, my twin children started cursing and swearing at me while I tried telling them why I murdered the suspicious lady. They both appeared to be ignorant and not understanding. I continued to desperately explain to them why I killed her, but then they cursed me. Then everything came flowing to my mind. Donkey Town, black chat bubble, “don’t let that baby live. Look at its chat bubble. It’s a griefer.”, and the whole new abusable curse system. That’s when I snapped.

Sicko Mode, you won’t ever get away with this! I put hard work into making the village you lived in!


I feel your pain.

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Sicko mode lmao

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Thank you. :face_with_head_bandage: