Water suggestions

Ive made a list of new suggestions we could implement to expand the way we use water.
Feel free to write your own ideas down in the comments.


a boat would be a transportation device for the water surface.
Players can make islands that would be only accesable by boat.
or even better make a town like venice where all the streets would be covered in water.


a watermill is a new machine that needs to be placed next to a water source.
We could make it a new part for the newcomen engine.
The functions would be making oils out of cactus fruit or different types of juices.

Shrimp net:

made from a net and short poles thats placed in the water.
The player places the net in the water and shrimp will spawn over x amount of time.
Shrimp can be used on hot coals for a small snack or used as bait.

-new fish:

adding a new fish that will spawn in water.
If we give them a spawn chance near docks, like bees spawn on pine trees.
Then the players would have more purpose to build lakes with a dock to fish on.
Bublles next the dock indicates a fish, we can catch it by casting a fishrod.
Because this is a “premium” fish we can only catch it with shrimp as bait.

-Lilly pad:

made out of peace lilly pad.
Spawns frogs that we can harvest.
For easy harvesting i suggest that they can be collected in a glass jar.
We could use frogs to rub on players with yellow fever to instantly remove the negative effect.
We could let them loose in the jungle, the frogs would have 1 usage to chase a swarm of mosquitos and completely swallow them.

-Gold panning:

we can use the new bowls to make a pan.
To be able to pan, the player needs to stand next to the water and swipe on it.
Most of the time you will find round stones or soil, although pretty worhtless they are always usefull and in need of every town.
With some luck you can stumble upon gold ore, to prevent players from abusing this method we could make the pan breakable.
Panning gold would be very usefull if we expand the usage of gold in future updates.



i like your boat idea. so when you build like a river you could send boats down the river with goods on board. like the train rails. but with water.


I want Sushi ,shrimp Sushi