We need a town server, we need an Empire

The Eternal City challenge was a susses, but i still think that we need a better layout, let me explain:

We need the same spawn radio, just only make the map virgin. Let us build the roads. Let us dicide where should be a path connecting to a near village or not.
What I mean is: The eve spawn radio was perfect, because everyone was closer to eache other.
The grid (road) lay out was bad. We dont want a map where you have roads already. Road that gide you straight to a bear cave, a road where snakes wil poison you, a road where moskitos where fisting at starving players.

Make the challenge again, just only modified the eve spawn. Leave the rest to us.

Please, make a voting post about it, I dont know how.


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How would you find your way to the same place again without the grid?

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I think itd be cool for the peace monaments to be where the roads used to intersect but no roads. Or maybe special event roads that dont let animals step on them like items. So that players could go to their favorite city without worrying about dangerous animals sitting on the road.

If the spawn sistem is fixed, them after a couple lives you will find your way back. The purpose of this recuest was to start our oun Empire. If the grid is already in the map, it make everything a little easier, but also chaotic.

The grid is something good intended for a weekend event. The clean map is something for a longer time.

Think about it: If we are making a road. It has to lead to somewhere.

I think that players will have a better satisfaction when they fund their way back without the grid and them dedicate several lives to conect them.
Any way. In the grid sistems only where a couple spots good for a camp, so at the end, only where like 3 village max at the whole grid lay out. The rest of them died out quick because bad location. …

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That and couple of the good ones only lacking oil and such were wiped out fro. Griefers for example the one. I lived in the most for for about 10+ lives had everything except oil and was easily capable of surviving until the end of the event. But after one night i came back on and someone had destroyed the sheep pen stole all the steel and blocked off some of the newcoman stuff. Mysteriously there was suddenly a thriving city with a belltower. So my theory is as soon as the bell tower was complete all the best players left for it leeving noobs at the old citys. And then griefers finished those off. The griefers were probably people trying to move the population over to the new city not necessarily the ones who built it.