We need a town server, we need an Empire

We need a server that automatically spawn every Eve at the center of the map. A server that everyone will be at the same spot.

Imagine yourself how far could we get if we all worked together in the same town. Obviously this will cause some food problem, and some resources shortage if we dont learn and manage well (of course, that’s the fun of OHOL). A server were the biggest city will coexist only to progress to an Empire.

Some rules will be implememented, like cursed players will not be able to joing the server till one full live is past (or watever time takes for the cursed to cool down).
Etc, Etc, etc. You get the idea.

I have almost one thousand hours played on the PC vertion, and I have been playing the IOS version since the Betta was released. Im tired to be playing from the start, over, and over, and over again. In the US server, it is imposible to have a lot of players paying together at the same time; and when night time comes… Bye, bye to your precious town. Since the lack of player will ruin the progress.

I consider this a good idea, at least if we try, we could see how good it goes for us…

May the stew force be with you.


We need a good foundation and good structure (not to be confused with the building structure).

Now that you mentioned boulding structure.

There was a time on PC before the opocalipce, that we used to have buildings. I love when you have the farm, kitchen, smith, storage, etc surrounded by walls. That way no bodoy will stand in the fire, in the middle of your way, or grab your tools and run away with them…

I was the road builder back them…

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Yest it was. It is really exciting when you work for several lives to finally accomplish your main goal.
There was alot of help too. People used to teach you by talking to you. There was no wiki back them…

When a person that fed you, taught you, worked next to you, got old. You can feel that agony growing inside you. Your eyes get watery, and sadness surrounds your heart. Knowing that… that player, will be no longer be with you.
Those last words are the hardest ones. That moment when they take their clothes off, and give it to a baby. That is truly love. That moves your heart…

Great dream you have, little time you got.
Time is an illusion, an illusion is made with time.
Just remember this:
You only have One Hour, One Life.


Maybe you’d like us to bring back the Eternal Cities Event?


Idk what event that is but sure Christopher, I get amused by this idea

I din’t know about this event… I totally missed it.

We can try it again and se what happend, or just start in a blank map where the spawning point is set to dead senter, that whay we could make our own roads.

Post edited ( Well, your first idea of the ethernal city is pretty good… I like it. Lets make it a server for a week and see the results…)

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It was a good event. LOADS of griefing though. As is the case with any big city. Some people just seem intent on destruction no matter what.


We should have an eternal city server that gets rest every now and then. People can stay, or leave and know where they had a camp off the grid if they choose. People will get whatever they want accomplished and learn. Then they play the regular eve spawn game when you get sick of the city mode.

My most precious memories are in cities that you get to play in multiple times. The city event was the best one in my opinion. With griefers or not, with or without the language mixing. Loved it!

Please bring those back even if it’s once a month on a weekend.


I think we are getting some votes in this idea. I like it… lets make it true…


Bring it back!


I would like to see this as a permanet server, like the biginer server…

Im already imagine myself rebuilding the Empire, and a couple wars in it… I love the idea…

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Nice to see you are back active again, @SylarUchiha.

Maintaining event servers is a bit costly for us, in terms of our labor. An event runs modified server code, and every time we deliver an update or integrate from PC, we would need to do it into several code branches rather than just one.

Bringing back “Eternal Cities” for one weekend would also cost an integration of today’s server code into the old Event code, but that is a one-time effort, and we enjoy bringing you events. If we promised to keep it around forever, we would undertake an obligation that never ends, which is problematic.

The Private Server functionality we have been discussing in several places in the forum, might be a way where we can offer more choices to the people who are willing to fund their development and maintenance.

(Or maybe we should go to Kickstarter and raise funds for a sequel :blush:)


Lol, that’d be interesting.

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I’d pay for private server, so long as it’s a one time pay or a fair price for it



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This is on 02/16/2019. 8:00 am

This is a success. The server is full this morning.


Yes, it’s even more popular than the last time we hosted that event :smile: