We need tea and coffee

Sure, we got pine needle tea but I’d like to see actual coffee and tea plants and that you can farm and harvest. Both would be found in the jungle. I think that they should be only for players with higher tier tech and therefore can only be able to be harvested with a shovel and replanted. After that, domestic plants can have saplings harvested with shears. By default you’ll get black tea and regular coffee when brewing. However, by following recipes you would be able to make different brews of tea and coffee. Earl gray tea, green tea, raspberry tea, mango tea, Turkish coffee, etc. You would also be able to sweeten your drink with honey and add milk to it. Maybe the team can make half and half too to add to coffee?


Can coffee make you run faster for a small amount of time? :wink:


Ooh that would be cool! Maybe you can make a recipe (I’m thinking espresso) that gives that buff?